Admissions Criteria

The MEISTERKREIS represents a culture of excellence in Germany. The members must therefore be able to meet this demand. Thus requirements for admittance to MEISTERKREIS are:

•    invitation by the MEISTERKREIS itself.
•    fulfilling the defined admissions criteria.
•    admissions resolution by the Board of Directors and the members.

The admissions criteria for the MEISTERKREIS are defined as follows:

•    The brand represents the highest standards in terms of quality, design and service.
•    The brand enjoys an outstanding reputation.
•    The brand is positioned at the top price segments of its category.
•    The brand is managed in Germany by an independent organization. 
•    The brand is represented internationally.
•    The brand complies with the basic principles of selective distribution.
•    The brand shares and actively supports the philosophy, mission and goals of the MEISTERKREIS.