German Excellence in K11

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From 3 to 17 January 2020 the Meisterkreis, in cooperation with the K11 Art Gallery, presents the exhibition "German Excellence: Advanced Technology - Craftmanship - Hospitality" in Shanghai.

  • Bringing Three Excellent Brands from the German High-End Cultural and Creative Industries to K11 Art Mall Shanghai
  • An Interactive Approach to Present the Creativity, Innovativeness, and Consumer Orientation behind “Made in Germany”
  • Pilot Project with K11 Art Mall who created the New Retail Concept of Combining Art, People and Nature



Meisterkreis Index 2019

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The high-end industry in Germany is growing despite the overall economic slowdown

• MEISTERKREIS Index 2019: 70 percent of the high-end companies look back on a successful year in 2018
• Positive expectations for 2019: 49 percent of the companies want to offer new jobs, 94 percent continue to invest
• Innovative technologies are gaining more and more importance: almost 80 percent consider artificial intelligence to be business-relevant


NDNnews – "Germany Unification Day 2018"

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Also Germany Unification Day 2018 showed Germany Contemporary Excellence exhibition in order to boast Germany’s excellence in various industry areas as well as to show “Germany works” which symbolizes its excellence in auto industry, IT market, infra logistics etc. to name just a few to function an engine of Europe.


The Korea Post – "Germany is a good teacher for Korea"

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Cooperations and possibilities for further collaboration between our two countries are manyfold. A good opportunity to discuss these is by taking a look at the magnificent exhibition “German Contemporary Excellence” by Gerhard Steidl and the Meisterkreis here in the Grand Salon. Jim Rakete’s pictures aesthetically play with German products. They provide an impulse for discussions about the complementarity of our economies and companies, but also about culture, design and innovation.



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The MEISTERKREIS in cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office Singapore will present "GERMAN CONTEMPORARY EXCELLENCE" at SOTA Art Gallery. Both Singapore and Germany enjoy a close partnership in broad areas and share a history of economic and diplomatic relations that date back to 1965. Germany is Singapore’s largest EU trade partner, while Singapore is Germany’s biggest ASEAN trade partner. Through the exhibition, MEISTERKREIS seek to bring together companies, creative professionals and artists, to spark a dialogue and future collaborations that are mutually beneficial.



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On the 6th of July 2018 the MEISTERKREIS together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan will present "GERMAN CONTEMPORARY EXCELLENCE" in the Hillside Forum Tokyo. The exhibition takes the observer on a voyage of discovery through a sometimes unknown Germany, showing even more the commonalities in the fields of excellence, quality and creativity shared with Japan.