21 Sept Meisterkreis Executive Meeting, Pioneer One, Berlin

26Sept Masterclass “Service Excellence” by Althoff Hotel Collection

28 Sept Working Working Group Legal, Rimowa, Cologne

19 Oct Meisterkreis Club, NYC

26 Oct Meisterkreis Club, Shanghai

16 Nov Working Group HR, Steinway, Hamburg

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Event reviews

Meisterkreis Executive Summit, Nov. 2022

Meisterkreis Executive Summit, Nov. 2022

Meisterkreis elected to presidency of ECCIA in Brussels.

29th of January, Brussels. The European Cultural and Creative Industries Association (ECCIA), which brings together over 600 High-end brands and cultural institutions from 12 European countries.

K11 Shanghai is presenting German Excellence

4th of January 2020, Shanghai. Meisterkreis and K11 start their partnership. Under the motto German Excellence - Advanced Technology - Craftmanship - Hospitality, the Porsche, Leica Camera and Jan Kath brands are presented for the first time in a joint exhibition at K11.

Executive Konferenz, November 2019

28th November 2019, Berlin. In November 2019, the MEISTERKREIS hosted this year’s Executive Conference in Berlin with around 60 invited CEOs and managing directors.

Forum of Culture and Creative Industries

November 12-13th, 2019, Berlin. The MEISTERKREIS presented the business model of the high-end industry of the future at the forum of the culture and creative industries. Also on the agenda was the German Contemporary Excellence world Tour.

European community of values ECCIA

10th September 2019, Frankfurt. The Meisterkreis proudly takes over the "ECCIA Presidency 2020". The European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance (ECCIA) consists out of five European cultural and creative organizations. Members of the MEISTERKREISdiscussed joint projects within the presidency. The crucial question: "What could the brands and companies do for Europe in terms of transnational exchanges and the promotion of young talents".


Meisterkreis Executive Konferenz 2019

March 29th 2019, Berlin. The conference "Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are changing the high-end industry" took place at the Digital Hub Spielfeld in Berlin-Kreuzberg.


05. JULY 2019, MUNICH. The CEIBS - China Europe International Business School, together with the MEISTERKREIS and the BMW Group, is organizing the Munich Forum on "New Impulses for Cooperation between China and Germany: Consumption Upgrading and Technological Revolution". As one of the world's leading business schools, CEIBS organizes a series of high-profile international forums and roundtables each year, providing an open platform for industry leaders, senior government officials and renowned academics to share their insights on China's current challenges.


May 24, 2019, Shanghai. In cooperation with CEIBS Shanghai (China Europe International Business School) MEISTERKREIS has organized the 11th Prestige Brands Forum. The overarching theme "The Chinese Market and Companies in Transformation: Building Brands by Embracing the Trends" this year was discussed by scientists, entrepreneurs and politicians. Among them, Prof. Dominique de Villepin former Prime Minister of France, Mr. Zhou Haiying, Mayor of the Jing'an District and Dr. Snow Zhou, President of CEIBS.

Interdisciplinary cooperation and promotion of young talents

02.April 2019, Paris. Meisterkreis participated in the final event of the project Culinary Design "Elémen'terre" in Paris at the invitation of Laurent Scordino - Manzanec, Director of ENSAAMA, Design School Paris.Innovative and culinary creations were presented together with the hotel school Guillaume Tirel. A good approach also for young German hotel trainees, which we will continue to develop further in partnership with the ENSAAMA.


29.March 2019, Berlin. The conference addressing the topic ”Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence AI are changing the High-End Industry” took place in the Digital Hub Spielfeld in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The principal question “How does the future of commerce look like and what kind of AI applications does the High-End industry require?” was structured into four workshop topics. The conference resulted in concrete approaches for a joint development of the topics and continuous formats.

Culture and Creative Conference Brussels

20.March.2019, Brussels. Building a Stronger Europe Through Creativity and Culture - Following the invitation of EU Parliament President Antonio Tajani and Dr. Christian Ehler, deputy and founder of the Intergroup Creative Industries, MEISTERKREIS attended the Working Lunch in the Parliament building in Brussels and participated subsequently to the conference. The key question: What do we have to do in Europe in order to develop creativity and innovation across the industry and national boundaries?

Oliver Siegelin (Walter Knoll) Stipendiary from the German Academy of Rome Villa Massimo

04. March 2019, Rome. Upholsterer Oliver Siegelin (Walter Knoll) was awarded the stipend 2018/19 of the German Academy of Rome Villa Massimo. The scholarship is aimed at artists who have exceptional qualifications and great talent in the fields of fine arts, architecture, literature and music (composition). For about 12 years, Oliver Siegelin has been working in model making for the MEISTERKREIS member Walter Knoll in Herrenberg. Here Oliver Siegelin shows what he has created from the saddle of a forgotten bicycle.


December 17, 2018: Paris. Dr Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut, the German Ambassador to France, invited Presidents and CEOs of the High-End Creative Industries to the Palais Beauharnais, the residence of the Ambassador in Paris. The topics “artificial intelligence” and its practical application as well as emerging German-French approaches to collaborations were discussed at the roundtable meeting.


December 14, 2018: Singapore. As a follow-up to the GERMAN CONTEMPORARY EXCELLENCE exhibition, a workshop for collaboration between Singapore and Germany took place at the residence of the German Ambassador Dr Ulrich Sante.


November 30, 2018: Berlin. The kick-off meeting for the creation of a Brand and Design Management Circle took place at the China Club Berlin and was a common initiative of MEISTERKREIS and Oliver Berger, Global Head of Brand & Design Management at Sennheiser.


November 16, 2018: Shanghai. A roundtable discussion took place at the residence of German Consul General Dr. Christine Althauser; this was a follow-up to the GERMAN CONTEMPORARY EXCELLENCE exhibition in 2017 and was held on the occasion of the guest performance of “Der Sandmann” by director Robert Wilson at the China International Arts Festival in the Shanghai Grand Theatre, supported by Leica and Meisterkreis. The participants represented a colourful mixture from the fields of economy, craftsmanship, politics, science, culture and art.


November 15, 2018: Hong Kong. The MEISTERKREIS presented its project “German Contemporary Excellence” at the K11" Atelier Victoria Dockside and as an official partner of the BODW Hong Kong 2018 (Business of Design Week). Meisterkreis is also the Cultural Partner of K 11– Make Waves. K11’s innovative concept: “Art & Retail in a museum space –where every brand, product, story and customer journey is curated".

We look forward to continuing working together with K11.


October 29–30, 2018: Valencia. The MEISTERKREIS invited interested members to the kick-off for the newly designed Business-to-Consumer concept on the Sea Cloud and Sea Cloud II cruise ships. The high standards of the consumers unite our members as well. As buying is shifted more and more online, it is in fact becoming more important to experience brands. Brands must be palpable and stay tangible. Recommendation marketing paired with common experience and informational events for clusters of three to four brands each is planned for the beginning of 2019.


October 5, 2018: Seoul. Ambassador Stephan Auer and his wife Vera Auer invited about 5,000 guests to the Grand Hyatt Seoul to mark the occasion of German Unity Day. The Ambassador underlined in his opening remarks that Germans and Koreans share common interests and values and can depend on each other. Gerhard Steidl led a VIP delegation – consisting of Ambassador Auer, guest of honour Kim Pan-Suk, the Minister of Personnel Management and CEOs – through the GERMAN CONTEMPORARY EXCELLENCE pop-up exhibition.


September 20, 2018: Singapore. MEISTERKREIS presented its pop-up exhibition GERMAN CONTEMPORARY EXCELLENCE on the occasion of the “6th Singapore International Photography Festival” in the SOTA (School of the Arts) to a highly select group of guests of honour. The exhibition was opened by Ambassador Dr. Ulrich A. Sante. The speakers were comprised of CEOs Anne Schaal (A. Lange & Söhne), Sunil Kaul (Leica Camera) and Eike Wiesener (Thonet Asia Pacific).


July 12, 2018: Madrid. The second European Excellence Summit, under the umbrella of the European Culture and Creative Industries Alliance (ECCIA), took place under the patronage of Círculo Fortuny, the Spanish counterparts of the MEISTERKREIS. Michael Ward (Harrods), Paolo Zegna (Zegna) spoke on the topic “Heritage & Future”. Members of the MEISTERKREIS also took to the stage: Dr. Andreas Kaufmann (Leica) spoke on the panel “Creativity, Innovation and Talent – Driver of Excellence” and Frank Marrenbach (Oetker Hotel Collection) on the topic of “Experience Tourism”.


July 11, 2018: Madrid. MEISTERKREIS members met at a roundtable meeting at the residence of German Ambassador Wolfgang Dold one day before the second European Excellence Summit. Topics of these lively discussions included the challenges faced by companies, possible collaborative approaches of the Creative High-end Industries and the economic backgrounds in Spain.


July 6, 2018: Tokyo. The MEISTERKREIS presented GERMAN CONTEMPORARY EXCELLENCE together with the German Embassy at the Hillside Forum (Hillside Terrace). The exhibition was opened by Ambassador Dr. Hans Carl von Werthern and offered inspiring talks by CEOs Edmond Boussemart (A.Lange & Söhne), Peter Kronschnabel (BMW), Gerhard Steidl (Steidl) und Eike Wiesener (Thonet).


June 9, 2018: Shanghai. Together with CEIBS Shanghai (China Europe International Business School) and the People's Government of Jin'an District of Shanghai the MEISTERKREIS organized the 10th Prestige Brands Forum. At the Prestige Brands Forum in Shanghai, top managers, scientists and politicians discussed the topic of "Growth of Brands in the New Era - Striking a Balance between Heritage and Innovation". The speakers came from established European brands as well as from Chinese companies and institutions.


June 2, 2018: Peking. MEISTERKREIS presented its GERMAN CONTEMPORARY EXCELLENCE exhibition at the German Embassy in Peking during its open house, the theme of which was “Craftsmanship and High-tech – Quality Made in Germany”. It was opened by German Ambassador Michael Clauss and attracted more than 3,000 visitors. The exhibition was very helpful in waking the interest for our products and training programmes. Many young guests were very enthusiastic about Germany. MEISTERKREIS members on site included BMW, Dr.


April 19, 2018: Paris. Presidents and CEOs from the High-end Cultural and Creative Industries accepted the cordial invitation from Dr. Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut, German Ambassador to France, and met at the Palais Beauharnais, the Ambassador’s residence in Paris. The motto of this roundtable meeting was “A Common Culture of Excellence” and included the following topics of mutual interest: Creativity (protection of intellectual property), Digital (artificial intelligence) and The Art of Craftsmanship (European excellence).

Photofairs Shanghai

September 7-10, 2017: Shanghai. From the 7th to the 10th of September 2017: The MEISTERKREIS is presenting the world premiere of the “GERMAN CONTEMPORARY EXCELLENCE” exhibition on the occasion of the PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai.

First European Excellence Summit

June 29/30, 2017: Berlin. MEISTERKREIS has organized the European Excellence Summit in Berlin. For the first time more than 100 managing directors, leading executives and owners of European enterprises and cultural institutions discussed the High-end Industry Business Model of the future.

"German Contemporary Excellence", Pop-up Exhibition in Berlin

March 2, 2017: Berlin. German Contemporary Excellence, an innovative project created by the Meisterkreis in cooperation with the Office of Foreign Affairs, celebrated the start of its world tour with a pop-up exhibition in the Martin-Gropius-Bau.

Berlin Exhibition

April 28–30, 2016: Berlin. The Meisterkreis and the Berlin University of the Arts received approximately 150 guests in the old library of the university, who marvelled at the work of the German-French student pairs. The exhibition was officially opened by S.E. Ambassador Philippe Etienne and President Prof. Martin Rennert.


Fondazione Altagamma & Meisterkreis Member Meeting

July 7–8, 2016: Rome. 60 entrepreneurs came together from the 7th to the 8th of July for the first German-Italian member meeting in Rome. On the evening of the 7th, all participants were invited to the residence of the German Embassy by German Ambassador Dr. Susanne Wasum-Rainer.


January 13, 2016: Paris. The Instéternel Project between the German-French universities ENSAAMA and the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) celebrated its finals in Paris. The international student pairs presented their results to a jury which was made up of persons responsible for various aspects of design in the member companies. The best projects were selected and received awards. German Ambassador Dr. Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut then cordially invited all participants to his Palais Beauharnais residence.

Prix Franco-Allemand

December 2, 2015. Meisterkreis and Comité Colbert got the Prix Franco-Allemand. This price honored their international cultural and economic comitment. The German Ambassador in Paris, Dr. Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut, and the European Commissoner for Digital Economy & Society, Günther Oettinger, took part in the award ceremony.

Members’ Conference

November 25, 2015: Berlin. CEOs and managers met in November at the Hotel Adlon for the Members’ Conference. The conference concluded in the member’s area at the China Club Berlin.

Politicians Talk

August 31, 2015. The Meisterkreis invited Parliamentary State Secretary Uwe Beckmeyer and its members for talks in the Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin. Topics covered selective distribution and digital excellence. Working together, a proposal was compiled and then passed on to the government.


August 10, 2015: Berlin. The winners of the “Wunderkammer” competition were announced on Monday at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). Students of architecture were asked develop concepts which were as flexible as possible whilst still retaining a high level of sophistication.

September, France & Germany. Exchange of french and german students

September, France & Germany. Students of the french design University ENSAAMA and the german Universität der Künste, Berlin, are taking part in the project with german and french company members.

ImEx: Impressionism – Expressionism

May 22 to September 20, 2015, Berlin. The Alte Nationalgalerie presents a unique exhibition of impressionism and expressionism: ImEx. It is the first time that an exhibition has been dedicated to the comparison of both styles.

ImEx Preview

May 19, 2015, Berlin, IMEX – the Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin presented “ImEx – Impressionism & Expressionism” until the 20th of September, 2015. Never before had these styles been directly contrasted with each other– a world premiere. The Meisterkreis and the Comité Colbert were exclusive partners of this exhibition.

Press Conference

October 22, 2014, Berlin. The MEISTERKREIS has begun the fight against counterfeiting. With a nationwide information campaign (media volume of more than €500,000), this association of cultural and creative world-class companies is campaigning for a change in attitude in the consumers.

Members' Conference

November 20/21, 2013, Berlin. Prof. Dr. Renate Köcher of the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach spoke to more than 50 members at the British Embassy on the topic of “Improving Quality Awareness in Germany”.

Business Meeting with EU Vice President

November 07, 2013, Berlin. EU Vice President Antonio Tajani met with members of the Comité Colbert as well as the presidents of Altagamma and Meisterkreis for an open exchange of ideas.

MEISTERKREIS & Comité Colbert

October 9/10, 2013, Paris. The Comité Colbert invited the members of the Meisterkreis to a Matinee Digital at the L'Ecole du Louvre in Paris – followed by lunch at the Hotel Le Meurice.

Meisterkreis Ausstellung in Tokio

July 21, 2013, Tokyo. Kick-off of a special world tour. The Meisterkreis presented German brands and culture and was patron of the exhibition “Kunst – Kunsthandwerk – Handwerkskunst”, which opened on the 11th of July in the German Embassy in Tokyo, in the presence of Dr. Volker Stanzel, German Ambassador in Tokyo, and some 160 high-ranking guests.

MEISTERKREIS & Comité Colbert

June 26/27, 2013, Berlin.  50 years of the Élysée Treaty – 50 years of German-French friendship.

General Assembly in Berlin

March 21/22, 2013, Berlin. To kick-off the Members’ Conference, Dr. Guido Westerwelle spoke on the topic “Success Stories in Germany – Middle Class, Education and Europe”. The middle class, which can quickly react in an exact, customised and flexible way to new demands in the world; education and training that lead directly to creativity; and one Europe, which must stand together in the new world – and not only to defend intellectual property.