Meisterkreis elected to presidency of ECCIA in Brussels.

  • Dr.Andreas Kaufmann (Leica Camera), Armando Branchini (Altagamma), Michael Ward (Harrods), Carlos Falcó (Marqués de Grinón), Guillaume de Seynes (Hermès)

  • Laudomia Pucci (Emilio Pucci), Clemens Pflanz (Meisterkreis), Carlos Falcó (Marqués de Grinón), Dr.Christian Ehler (MEP)

  • Dr. Christian Ehler (MEP)

  • Marija Gabriel, EU-Kommissarin, Innovation, Forschung, Bildung

  • Antonio Tajani (MEP) ehemaliger EU-Parlamentspräsident

  • EU Kommissarin Marija Gabriel, Dr.Christian Ehler (MEP)

  • Dr.Andreas Kaufmann (Leica Camera)

29th of January, Brussels. The European Cultural and Creative Industries Association (ECCIA), which brings together over 600 High-end brands and cultural institutions from 12 European countries.

Meisterkreis will increase the visibility of Europe's economic and cultural strength in the top segment.  We presented a new Bain & Company study in the European Parliament. 

The European high-end cultural and creative industries are a key driver of growth and job creation as well as ambassadors of European values worldwide.

Business generated by European High-end brands: 800 billion EUR

As a share of European GDP: 4%

Cumulated growth of 31% vs. 12% GDP in Europe in the last four years

Employment of 2,1 million, plus 300.000 new jobs between 2014-2018

Exports generated by European High-end businesses as a share of total European exports: 10 %