Our Objective

Our objective is to unite the best of the most diverse industries to better understand and shape the future in the most demanding segment. New connections create innovative product offerings, business models and partnerships.

Our Activities

The MEISTERKREIS offers an inter-disciplinary forum for the exchanging of experience, ideas and inspiration, creates opportunities for dialogue, initiates impulses and instigates impulses for innovative forms of cooperation.

Exchange of Experience

The MEISTERKREIS promotes new national and international networks for its members, enabling the exchange of experience and the establishment of cooperative mechanisms.

Promotion of Young Talent

The MEISTERKREIS offers its members training and further education, develops academic and practice-oriented trainees and promotes top talents.

Representation of Interests

The MEISTERKREIS represents the economic, cultural and political interests of the segment in dealings with political decision-makers, the media and the general public.

International Partnerships

The MEISTERKREIS promotes an active exchange with the international European Community of Values and also supports its members in expanding into new markets.

Continuous Market Analysis

The MEISTERKREIS regularly commissions studies and inquiries in order to provide its members the most current and relevant market data.