International Network

The MEISTERKREIS is a member of the European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance (ECCIA), the umbrella organisation of the five large unions in the European high-end industries – Circulo Fortuny (Spain), Comité Colbert (France), Fondazione Altagamma (Italy) and Walpole (Great Britain). The members of the ECCIA represent approx. 400 leading European brands and more than 80 % of the global market.


Presenting german Excellence Abroad

People from Europe, Asia and America usually associate German excellence with the outstanding achievements of German engineering. But the nature of German high-quality products cannot merely be reduced to technical perfection and clear lines. Complex Riesling wines and performances by Pina Bausch or Sasha Waltz just as equally represent an uncompromising philosophy of quality and overflowing of creativity as do the masterpieces of the Leipziger Schule. Employing its international network, the MEISTERKREIS supports their members’ businesses in reaching international markets. Our commitment here ranges from providing specialised knowledge on the respective market conditions to hosting international events and joint marketing initiatives.