• German-French meeting (Palais Beauharnais)

  • Marie-Claire Daveu (Kering), Olivier Mellerio (Mellerio dits Meller), Clemens Pflanz (MEISTERKREIS)

  • Guillaume de Seynes (Hermès), Marie-Claire Daveu (Kering)

  • Andreas Henke (Burmester), Charles-Edouard Bouée (Roland Berger)

  • Guillaume de Seynes (Hermès)

  • Minister Peter Altmaier

  • Dr. Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut (Deutscher Botschafter), Bundesminister Peter Altmaier, Clemens Pflanz (MEISTERKREIS), Lorenz Bäumer (Lorenz Bäumer)

  • Guillaume de Seynes (Hermès), Bundesminister Peter Altmaier, Olivier Mellerio (Mellerio dits Meller)

  • German-French meeting (Palais Beauharnais)

  • German-French meeting (Palais Beauharnais)

December 17, 2018: Paris. Dr Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut, the German Ambassador to France, invited Presidents and CEOs of the High-End Creative Industries to the Palais Beauharnais, the residence of the Ambassador in Paris. The topics “artificial intelligence” and its practical application as well as emerging German-French approaches to collaborations were discussed at the roundtable meeting. Participants included (from left to right): Dr Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut (German Ambassador), Andreas Henke (Burmester), Guillaume de Seynes (Hermès), Lorenz Bäumer (Lorenz Bäumer), Peter Altmaier (Minister of Economics and Technology), Clemens Pflanz (MEISTERKREIS), Marie-Claire Daveu (Kering), Charles-Edouard Bouée (Roland Berger), Olivier Mellerio (Mellerio dits Meller), Dr Andreas Kaufmann (Leica Camera).