K11 Shanghai is presenting German Excellence

  • K11 Shanghai

  • K11 Shanghai

  • K11 Shanghai

  • Clemens Pflanz (Meisterkreis), Siegmund Dukek (Leica China)

  • Sanchir Kath (Jan Kath), Siegmund Dukek (Leica China), Clemens Pflanz (Meisterkreis), Luca Ding (Porsche), Danick Tong (K11)

  • Maxilimilian O. Hallensleben (Deutsches Generalkonsulat), Clemens Pflanz (Meisterkreis), Shirley Shi (K11)

  • Shirley Shi (K11)

4th of January 2020, Shanghai. Meisterkreis and K11 start their partnership. Under the motto German Excellence - Advanced Technology - Craftmanship - Hospitality, the Porsche, Leica Camera and Jan Kath brands are presented for the first time in a joint exhibition at K11. K11 connects art and commerce and supports intercultural dialogue. The goal is to inspire K11 customers, the Millennials. The K11 exhibition runs from 03 to 17 January 2020.

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