• Meisterkreis Executive Konferenz at the Digital Hub Spielfeld Berlin-Kreuzberg

  • Markus Benz (Walter Knoll)

  • Dr. Richard Federowksi (Roland Berger)

  • Christian Wiehenbrauk (Porsche Design Group), Maria Porsche (Bucherer), Jörg Buchmann (Bucherer)

  • Dr. Tobias Kircher (Rimowa), Anders Thomas (Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg), Marco Tümmler (Gaggenau)

  • Roman Niewodniczanski (Weingut Van Volxem), Wolfgang Kettnaker (Kettnaker), Dorothee Schumacher-Singhoff (Dorothee Schumacher)

  • Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Grube (Lazard&Co), Prof. Dr. Klaus Schweinsberg (GLH)

  • Dr. Marc Schumacher (Liganova)

  • Anthony Pinville und Celia Poncelin (Heuritech)

  • Robert Zimmermann (Berliner Philharmoniker/Digital Concert Hall)

  • Marco Tümmler (Gaggenau)

  • Workshop

  • Focused working during the workshops

  • Ernst F. Loosen and Desiree Schröder (Weingut Dr. Loosen)

  • Andreas Henke (Burmester)

  • Sophie Spethmann (HELLO LiSA), Clemens Pflanz ( Meisterkreis), Dr. Katharina von Chlebowksi (Freunde der Nationalgalerie)

29.March 2019, Berlin. The conference addressing the topic ”Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence AI are changing the High-End Industry” took place in the Digital Hub Spielfeld in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The principal question “How does the future of commerce look like and what kind of AI applications does the High-End industry require?” was structured into four workshop topics. The conference resulted in concrete approaches for a joint development of the topics and continuous formats.

Clemens Pflanz (Meisterkreis) opened the Conference with a welcome speech.
Dr. Marc Schumacher initiated under the motto “Unlearn what you have learned”.
Dr. Richard Federowski gave impulses to “AI off the Myth”.
Further Impulses:
Robert Zimmermann (Berliner Philharmoniker / Digital Concert Hall) - “From Buying to Being- How to exceed customer expectation through digital experiences”.
Christoph Isenbuerger (Alibaba Europe) - “From E-commerce to Entertainment – How to automate platform processes”.
Sophie Spethmann (HELLO LiSA) - “From Physical to Digital – How to convey excellence online”
Anthony Pinville (Heuritech) - “From Guessing to Knowing – How to move from descriptive to prescriptive analytics”