MEISTERKREIS & Comité Colbert

October 9/10, 2013, Paris. The Comité Colbert invited the members of the Meisterkreis to a Matinee Digital at the L'Ecole du Louvre in Paris – followed by lunch at the Hotel Le Meurice. Participants included French Minister Sapin as well as 50 CEOs and managers from our member companies. We met for a common dinner in the evening at Le Bristol. Dr. Joachim Umlauf, Head of the Goethe Institute in Paris, invigorated the group with cheerful and thoughtful German-French incentives. “All participants found the format of these common workshops at the L'Ecole du Louvre to be comprehensive, varied and extremely interesting. Three scientists from the fields of ethics, education and organisation gave deep insights into their research results and the effects of the digital revolution on our lives in general and our business models in particular. Theoretical content complete with best practices were presented by various member companies such as Chanel, Lanvin, Lacoste and others.