Executive Konferenz 2019

28th November 2019, Berlin. In November 2019, the MEISTERKREIS hosted this year’s Executive Conference in Berlin with around 60 invited CEOs and managing directors.

Forum of Culture and Creative Industries

November 12-13th, 2019, Berlin. The MEISTERKREIS presented the business model of the high-end industry of the future at the forum of the culture and creative industries. Also on the agenda was the German Contemporary Excellence world Tour.

European community of values ECCIA

10th September 2019, Frankfurt. The Meisterkreis proudly takes over the "ECCIA Presidency 2020". The European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance (ECCIA) consists out of five European cultural and creative organizations. Members of the MEISTERKREISdiscussed joint projects within the presidency. The crucial question: "What could the brands and companies do for Europe in terms of transnational exchanges and the promotion of young talents".



05. JULY 2019, MUNICH. The CEIBS - China Europe International Business School, together with the MEISTERKREIS and the BMW Group, is organizing the Munich Forum on "New Impulses for Cooperation between China and Germany: Consumption Upgrading and Technological Revolution". As one of the world's leading business schools, CEIBS organizes a series of high-profile international forums and roundtables each year, providing an open platform for industry leaders, senior government officials and renowned academics to share their insights on China's current challenges.


May 24, 2019, Shanghai. In cooperation with CEIBS Shanghai (China Europe International Business School) MEISTERKREIS has organized the 11th Prestige Brands Forum. The overarching theme "The Chinese Market and Companies in Transformation: Building Brands by Embracing the Trends" this year was discussed by scientists, entrepreneurs and politicians. Among them, Prof. Dominique de Villepin former Prime Minister of France, Mr. Zhou Haiying, Mayor of the Jing'an District and Dr. Snow Zhou, President of CEIBS.

Interdisciplinary cooperation and promotion of young talents

02.April 2019, Paris. Meisterkreis participated in the final event of the project Culinary Design "Elémen'terre" in Paris at the invitation of Laurent Scordino - Manzanec, Director of ENSAAMA, Design School Paris.Innovative and culinary creations were presented together with the hotel school Guillaume Tirel. A good approach also for young German hotel trainees, which we will continue to develop further in partnership with the ENSAAMA.


29.March 2019, Berlin. The conference addressing the topic ”Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence AI are changing the High-End Industry” took place in the Digital Hub Spielfeld in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The principal question “How does the future of commerce look like and what kind of AI applications does the High-End industry require?” was structured into four workshop topics. The conference resulted in concrete approaches for a joint development of the topics and continuous formats.

Culture and Creative Conference Brussels

20.March.2019, Brussels. Building a Stronger Europe Through Creativity and Culture - Following the invitation of EU Parliament President Antonio Tajani and Dr. Christian Ehler, deputy and founder of the Intergroup Creative Industries, MEISTERKREIS attended the Working Lunch in the Parliament building in Brussels and participated subsequently to the conference. The key question: What do we have to do in Europe in order to develop creativity and innovation across the industry and national boundaries?

Oliver Siegelin (Walter Knoll) Stipendiary from the German Academy of Rome Villa Massimo

04. March 2019, Rome. Upholsterer Oliver Siegelin (Walter Knoll) was awarded the stipend 2018/19 of the German Academy of Rome Villa Massimo. The scholarship is aimed at artists who have exceptional qualifications and great talent in the fields of fine arts, architecture, literature and music (composition). For about 12 years, Oliver Siegelin has been working in model making for the MEISTERKREIS member Walter Knoll in Herrenberg. Here Oliver Siegelin shows what he has created from the saddle of a forgotten bicycle.