Our Mission


The MEISTERKREIS unites people, companies and institutions that stand for creativity, the highest quality and durability from and in Germany. It supports the awareness of a unique and diverse segment and clarifies the economic and cultural significance of the sector. > The MEISTERKREIS, founded in 2011, has over 70 members: companies, cultural and scientific institutions. It represents a branch of trade with an added value of more than 160 billion euros and more than 300,000 employees.



A high level of diversity produces a wealth of ideas and creativity – this is the prerequisite for our economic success as well as our social development. The Meisterkreis fosters and develops this diversity with its members, partners and friends.

The MEISTERKREIS stands for a culture of the excellence in Germany. A culture of enthusiasm and passion for perfection, a culture of esteem of diversity and a culture of recognition of the economic and cultural significance of the sector. Meisterkreis members are active at the interface between culture and economy. Their successful business model is based on creativity, craftsmanship and technical know-how. They represent the innovative spirit, commitment to quality, highly qualified employees and strong export. In all that they do, our members strive to attain the highest levels of quality: for their products and services as well as the experience which they offer their customers.